• Execute an Interest Rate Swap Execute an Interest Rate Swap

    Avoid being charged hidden fees on your interest rate swaps! Swap Negotiators utilizes the same live tools as the banks so that no hidden fees can be included.

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  • Unwind an Interest Rate Swap Unwind an Interest Rate Swap

    Banks may not give you a true valuation and try to add hidden profits. Plus, there may be tax consequences, depending on how the swap was booked. We can help!

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  • Modify an Interest Rate Swap Modify an Interest Rate Swap

    Inside a modification, there are both an unwind and a new swap that are unseen — two opportunities for a bank to take profits. Swap Negotiators can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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  • Assign an Interest Rate Swap Assign an Interest Rate Swap

    Swaps are a complicated process. They can be assigned to another bank, but credit lines must be in place and terms must be negotiated. Swap Negotiators can help!

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Reduce or Eliminate Undisclosed Bank Fees on Swaps

Financial Savings

Most borrowers are unaware that the execution, termination or modification of an interest rate swap is also an opportunity for the swap counter-party to profit without the borrowers knowledge. (Learn more)

Financial Security

Swap Negotiators translates the information that you get from your bank into plain language, taking the mystery out of your swap contract so that no hidden fees can be included. (Learn more)

Strategy & Support

Our firm uses a consultative approach to match clients’ needs with custom debt solutions. Independent valuations and analyses are provided at any time during the life of your swap. (Learn more)

What We Do

Banks charge undisclosed fees whenever a borrower enters into, terminates or modifies a swap. Swap Negotiators levels the playing field, creates transparency as to the true cost and then negotiates to reduce or eliminate banks' undisclosed fees.

We help commercial borrowers:



Borrower Saves $75,000 in Hidden Swap Fees

Hidden Swap Fees Can be Avoided

I retained the Swap Negotiators team to assist with the unwind of a complicated swap and to help negotiate a replacement for a client in a recent commercial refinancing package.  They proved their experience and value in that transaction by negotiating savings far in excess of their fee.  My client and I were very pleased with the outcome.

John I. Harris, III of Schulman, LeRoy & Bennett, PC