"Gain peace of mind that the bank
isn't unfairly profiting from your swap transaction."

Swap Negotiators recognized the excessive, uncontrolled, and undisclosed fees charged on all types of interest rate swap transactions.  Without access to professional interest rate swap advisors to guide commercial borrowers through the planning, execution, modification and termination of their interest rate swaps, banks have been able to profit greatly by adding these hidden fees.

Historically, swap advisors provided assistance to borrowers with debt of more than $50 million. Now, Swap Negotiators bring the substantial savings of swap advisory services to commercial borrowers at every level.

Commercial Borrowers Save an Average of $200,000*

Swap Negotiators acts as an intermediary between borrowers and their banks on all types of swap transactions (executing, modifying, unwinding, and assigning).  An important part of our team consists of former bankers that worked on the derivatives side of the bank,  because of this, we are able to create transparency and bring expertise to ALL borrowers when considering strategies and executing interest rate hedges.

Our Swap Advisors Will:
  • Create Transparency
  • Reduce Bank Fees
  • Negotiate More Favorable Documents
  • Give On-going Support Throughout the Life of the Swap

Swap Negotiators levels the playing field, creates transparency and reduces or eliminates banks’ undisclosed fees. Our clients gain peace of mind that their interest rate swap transaction is being handled by experts and that their bank has not unfairly profited.

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*25 bps on $10MM amortized for 20 years and fixed for 10 years = $207,000