Execute an Interest Rate Swap

"We create transparency as to the
true cost and then negotiate reduced fees."

Commercial borrowers looking to execute an interest rate swap understand this is a complex process; however, most commercial borrowers are unaware that when you execute an interest rate swap contract it is an opportunity for the swap counter-party to profit without the borrowers knowledge. Swap Negotiators team of experienced derivative specialists are invaluable in helping negotiate the best terms possible for you as you execute an interest rate swap.

Get into an Interest Rate Swap with Confidence

Don’t let your bank charge hidden fees on your interest rate swaps! Swap Negotiators specializes in strategizing and negotiating to create the lowest possible fixed interest rates and the highest possible savings for the borrower.

If you are about to execute an interest rate swap, contact Swap Negotiators, one of our experienced swap advisors will help you:

Negotiate the Price

execute an interest rate swapSwap spreads can and should be negotiated just like loan spreads.

Confirm the Spread

Use an expert to monitor the trade with live data to assure pricing compliance

Negotiate the Terms

Swap terms are not boiler plate.  Conflicting terms could lead to a loan default or impact valuation.

Determine the Structure

You can match cash flows and depreciation to debt service.