Interest Rate Swap Basics

Interest rate swap basics and working with a swap advisor can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars.  If you’re considering an interest rate swap be sure to read these:

Interest Rate Swap Basics

interest rate swap basics

  1. Banks add an unseen profit when a swap is initiated, modified or unwound.
  2. Banks will charge the borrower whatever profit they deem suitable unless monitored.
  3. Swap pricing and terms are negotiable and should not be set unilaterally by the bank.
  4. Swap Negotiators has the tools to see the actual costs and the expertise to negotiate the price.
  5. A swap an be moved from one bank to another.

Swap Negotiators acts as an intermediary between borrowers and their banks on all types of interest rate swap transactions including: executing a swap, unwinding a swap, modifying a swap, and assigning a swap. We create transparency, reduce bank fees, negotiate more favorable documents, and give on-going support through the life of the swap. Our clients gain peace of mind that their swap transaction is being handled by experts and that their bank has not unfairly profited.

“An independent third party expert to serve as a fiduciary for a very complex process.”