Modify an Interest Rate Swap

"Let us negotiate pricing and
terms while reducing interest expense."

Inside a modification, there are both an unwind and a new swap that are unseen — two opportunities for a bank to take profits. A swap advisor can assist you to modify an interest rate swap by uncovering hidden bank fees.

Modify an Interest Rate Swap with Confidence

Swap Negotiator’s team of derivative professionals prevents banks from charging excessive fees to commercial borrowers. Complete transparency is created by utilizing the same live tools as the banks so that no hidden fees can be included.

We Watch Your Back and Your Front

interest rate swaps-15If you, or your client, needs to modify an interest rate swap, you need Swap Negotiators. Our team of swap advisors provides transparency and expertise throughout the entire process – both the unwind and new interest rate swap, which creates cash savings and peace of mind for the borrower.

Creating Transparency

“No borrower would be expected to accept a loan without negotiating or being aware of the lender’s profit or terms. Yet, that is what is occurring in most cases when a borrower opts for a fixed rate. Swap Negotiators’ goal is to create transparency for the borrower from which savings and security will follow.”

–Greg Warren, Managing Partner, Swap Negotiators