Our Services

Swap Negotiators translate the information that you get from your bank into plain language, taking the mystery out of your swap contract.

Historically, swap advisors provided assistance to borrowers with debt of more than $50 million. Now, Swap Negotiators bring the substantial savings of swap advisory services to commercial borrowers at every level.

Swap Negotiators accesses the same live data and computer models as the bank, creating transparency and reducing or eliminating banks’ undisclosed fees. Our clients gain peace of mind that their interest rate swap transaction is being handled by an expert swap advisor and that their bank has not unfairly profited.

Working with Your Bank

Let the derivative specialists at Swap Negotiators negotiate pricing and terms for you while reducing interest expense. Learn how we can help you:

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Customizing Fixed Rate Options

Our firm uses a consultative approach to match clients’ needs with custom debt solutions such as projected cash flows. Interest rate hedging products that the swap advisor may consider to fit your needs:

  •   Libor Swaps
  •   Forwarding Starting Swaps
  •   Interest Rate Caps, Corridors, Collars and Floors.