Strategy and Support

"Swap Negotiators can
negotiate your swap in less than 2 days."

Strategy and Support for Working with Your Bank

strategy and supportSwap advisors provide strategy and support to commercial borrowers.  The involvement of a swap advisor is considered routine by the bank. Above all, Swap Negotiators are sensitive to the importance of banking relationships and recognize that without a loan there would be no swap. Your Swap Negotiators advisor will therefore wait until the loan terms are finalized before entering into discussions concerning the swap.

Customizing Fixed Rate Options

Our firm uses a consultative approach to match clients’ needs with custom debt solutions such as projected cash flows. Interest rate hedging products that the swap advisor may consider to fit your needs:

  • Libor Swaps
  • Forwarding Starting Swaps
  • Interest Rate Caps, Corridors, Collars and Floors


Reviewing and Negotiating Swap Documents

Swap Negotiators review and analyze the documents and advise you in easy-to-understand language. Before the swap is executed, critical business issues such as termination events will have been negotiated in your favor.

Ongoing Swap Valuations

As the swap markets move, the value of your swap continuously fluctuates. We provide you with independent valuations and analyses at any time during the life of your swap.