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Interest Rate Swap Example

Attorneys advising commercial real estate clients on interest rate swap transactions can benefit from the services of a swap negotiator. An Interest Rate Swap Example A real estate attorney was contacted by a client wishing to enter into an interest rate swap agreement.  The description of the swap indicated that it ...


Commercial borrowers are informed of a simple way to save hundreds of thousands of dollars Winter Park, FL., - February 26, 2013 – Swap Negotiators, an advocate for commercial borrowers, recently attended The Commercial Real Estate Financing 2013 seminar in New York which explored major issues, problems and recent changes in ...


Interest Rate Swap Basics

Interest rate swap basics and working with a swap advisor can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars.  If you're considering an interest rate swap be sure to read these: Interest Rate Swap Basics Banks add an unseen profit when a ...


On Sunday August 7th, the New York Times cautions borrowers about hidden swap fees.  The Pulitzer - prize winning columnist, Gretchen Morgenson, revealed that banks are charging commercial borrowers substantial undisclosed fees amounting to between 1% and 5% ...


Commercial Borrower Beware Commercial Borrowers should consider these important quotes when thinking about fixing an interest rate swap: The Statement Who Said It What Does It Mean? “as a seller of the swap, a loss to the customer works to the ...