Unwind an Interest Rate Swap

"Uncover what a bank charges
when you fix your interest rate with a swap."

Swap Negotiators’ services are essential for all commercial borrowers that want to unwind an interest rate swap. Our team of swap advisors are industry experts that will reduce rates, remove excessive fees, improve terms, and simplify the hedging process for the borrower.

If you are considering unwinding an interest rate swap, be sure to contact a swap advisor, so that you will:

Get Independent Valuation When You Unwind an Interest Rate Swap

unwind an interest rate swapIt is reasonable to assume that your bank will not give you true market value.

Unwind at Par

Banks will typically try to add a hidden profit that could amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars.  You should not have to pay this.

Know Your Alternatives

What to do if your bank doesn’t agree with your valuation.

Understand the Impact

Unwinding may have tax consequences, depending on how the swap was booked.